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EcoHealth Ontario and our partners have developed a series of ongoing communications materials highlighting the connections between our natural environment and human health. 

What's in a Greenspace that Makes Us Feel So Good?

This poster was developed by EcoHealth Ontario to highlight some of the key relationships between natural environments and human health. It outlines the benefits of greenspace to health and wellbeing and focuses attention on the actions that professionals in diverse sectors can take to make these benefits a reality through their work. It is based on a poster presented at The Ontario Public Health Convention in April 2016 that focused more specifically on the roles of public health professionals. A PDF version of this folder can be downloaded here.

What's in a Green Space that makes us feel so good? (Poster developed for the Ontario Public Health Convention, 2016)

The poster below was developed by EcoHealth Ontario for The Ontario Public Health Conference 2016 and explains in more detail how green spaces, in particular, can help improve and protect health and well-being. It also provides tips for public health practitioners to incorporate a more integrated ecohealth approach to their work. Having a shared agenda in collaboration with various sectors can bring innovative and transformative approaches to this complex issue. A full PDF version can be downloaded here.

Improving health by improving access to urban greenspaces (Informational poster created by Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, an EHO partner and Steering Committee member. Click the link or the image below for a detailed version.)